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If you're an adventurous, carefree, live on the edge couple whose always up for the adventure, then you’re in the right place and we'll all be great friends, real fast! We're Kelsey and Liam, a wanderlust wedding photography duo based in Upstate New York and traveling all of New England - together we're Ke-Li Photography.

Simply put, we have a deep passion for capturing the wildly in love. We’re not about those traditional, stiff and awkward poses, but who is? We’ll make you feel as natural and as comfortable with us and in front of the camera as humanly possible - we don’t just want to be some weirdos hidden behind the camera, but your friends celebrating with you every step of the way. We want to break you open and unleash your inner vulnerabilities, allowing us to capture you and your love in the truest and most authentic ways possible.

We will get the two of you dancing barefoot in the forest, saying ridiculous mildly to highly super inappropriate things to make each other, laughing until you cry and forcing donuts, ice cream or champagne in each others faces until you’re sugar high or sipping hard on the bubbly! We’re here to capture the soulful, deep, wild, genuine, playful, loving and intimate moments the two of you share and the raw connection between you.   

We go far beyond just being your wedding photographers, we’re here to create lifelong friendships and relationships and to give you an unforgettable experience that will not only last on your wedding day, but continue as you grow as a couple and a family. Once you meet us, you’ll understand how we function - we have severe attachment issues and love all of our couples - you can usually find Kelsey texting or emailing them on the daily and you’ll find Liam bro-ing out and playing video games with our grooms.

We’re here to be your spiritual guides throughout your wedding journey and help you through the in’s and out’s of your planning process. By building a solid and comfortable foundation between us and the rad couples we work with, we create the freedom and space for you to really be yourselves and let your love shine through in the purest form - that’s where the true magic happens!

So when it comes to your wedding, we are all there. We’ll be there to celebrate with you, cry along side you, dance our butts off on the dance floor with you and toast to the two of you officially being stuck together forever! Let’s create an experience together that truly lets your love shine through!



What better way to get to know us than get to know our love story?! Not to be biased but its one of our favorites! Kelsey messaged Liam on the morning of January 8th on Tinder...yes, Tinder. Liam had literally just signed up for Tinder that morning, after going back and forth as to whether or not to download the app. He got to work there it was, a message from Kelsey in his inbox. He thought Kelsey was fake at first and thought "what weirdo girl messages a guy on Tinder, she must be fake". Liam's Tinder profile picture was of his feet hanging over the side of a mountain and the other one, a photo of half of his face and a camera but Kelsey saw him and was hooked.

After talking back and forth on Tinder for only 10 minutes, we exchanged numbers and after one hour, Kelsey asked Liam on a date. We met the next day at a coffee shop in town and as cliche and corny as it sounds it was truly love at first sight - Kelsey of course made all the first moves, since she goes after and gets what she wants and Liam was his humble and shy forward two weeks later and Liam basically moved in with Kelsey - we've been truly inseparable ever since.

Kelsey is the definition of clumsy, she literally trips over air on a regular basis. She has a sick obsession with trashy tv and a non-stop craving for soft serve ice cream with sprinkles. Liam is a Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica loving nerd who will kick your butt in Fortnite or Destiny. He has a disturbingly amazing knack for pulling out the most random and interesting facts and loves watching a good documentary.  

We have two cat fur babies, Finn and Sawyer, who are legit crazy and are the most separation anxiety ridden cats but we love them to death. Don't worry, we're dog lovers too and one day we'll get the husky of Liam's dreams. We're just your normal weirdos living this crazy amazing life together and we wouldn't have it any other way.




We understand that every love story and wedding is special and unique in its own way - we want to work with you to create a package that best fits your needs. All packages require a signed agreement and a deposit of 50% of the total package cost to ensure that you book our services for your specified date. 


PERSONAL CONSULTATION - We set up a personal consultation to answer any questions you may have, learn more about you and your wedding, and see if we click! (we're happy to meet prior to booking with us or after booking, we'd love to grab coffee or go out for a drink!)

WEDDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - Upon booking with us we send you everything wedding photography related via Honeybook, an online business management system which allows you to view your wedding proposal, agreement, payment schedule, wedding questionnaire, wedding day timeline and connect with us!

ENGAGEMENT SESSION - Your engagement session is the first time we get to connect with you and the camera, working together to lead you into poses that make you feel confident, comfortable and natural. We want to create the freedom and space for you to be comfortable with one another in front of the camera.

VENUE WALKTHROUGH - Prior to your wedding day, we get together for a Venue Walkthrough, where we’ll spend time walking around the ground, discussing and planning out certain shoot locations and to get a better idea of the flow of the venue.

WEDDING DAY COVERAGE - You get the BOTH of us on your wedding day! Two photographers, one male and one female, who are fully invested in your wedding and in building a relationship with you.

FIRST PREVIEW - We know how big of a love high you're on after your wedding day, that why we will send you a preview of 30 images within 3 days of your wedding date, so you can re-live in the moment right after it happens!

ONLINE GALLERY AND USB - We will send you the full wedding day gallery with all edited images via Pixieset. You have full rights to print, download and share all images. We also believe that you should have a hard copy of all edited as well as ALL unedited images - since you are paying for wedding photography, its only fair you get all of your images. 

WOODEN BOX PRINT SET - After delivering your online digital gallery, we will send your USB stick, along with your Wooden Box Print Set, which include fifty 4x6’ prints, sent to you in a beautiful customized wooden box, as a way for you to preserve your memories in a way that allows you to relive them over and over again.




Starting at $4,000

inquire for all packages



Start $2,500

inquire for coverage




Unlimited images,  afternoon long session, choice of location (we provide different location "loops" you can chose from that have multiple shoot locations) 


Other Sessions


Maternity, Bridal's, Newborn, Family Session, Anniversary, Portrait, Adventure


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