what do you charge for weddings?

Our packages begin at $4,500 for 8 hours of coverage on your wedding day. All packages include both Kelsey and Liam as your photographers and all come with an engagement session.

we might not be the cheapest wedding photogs in the game but when it comes to producing the most creative, tasteful and high quality work for all of our clients. At the end of the day, these images are going to be the only tangible memories from your wedding and we want to pour our hearts and souls into every image and every moment spent with together!


do you travel and if so, how far?

ALL THE YASSSS!!! Give us a reason to try a new pizza place, buy beans from a new coffee shop or try the must have ice cream shop in town and we’re there in a heartbeat! We travel anywhere and everywhere you will take us and have a seriously deep case of the never ending travel bug!

Our travel rates are on a client dependent basis and a quote will be provided for you before confirming any travel plans.


how many photos do you get?

Because each wedding is unique in its own way, we do not put a number limit of images that we provide to each couple. We want to tell you love story in everyday we can and cull all of our images down to 800+ so we can properly tell the story of your wedding day, in the most pure and real way we can, from getting your makeup done to the second the music shuts off!


do you provide any raw images?

We never give out RAW photos. Every photo you receive will be edited to ensure consistency in colors, brightness, mood and style all around.

what is your turn around time?

Our turn around time for weddings is 12 weeks (90 days). You might see other photographers promise around the same or even shorter. However, we dont promise anything shorter because we want to give ourselves enough time and freedom to create and produce the best quality images for you. You have these photos to look at for the rest of your lives so we want to ensure that every single image delivered is something we are proud of. We want to make sure you get the best out of us instead of feeling as though we are racing the clock to meet a crazy short deadline.

With that being said, we stand by our philosophy of “underpromise and overdeliver”. Most clients get their gallery back before the deadline included in the contract.


do you offer discounts or off season pricing?

We do not offer any discounts or “off season pricing.” For us, we do not have an off season… most other full time photographers do not as well. We work 24/7 to keep our business alive & well and there are also two of us working full time on Ke-Li so our pricing reflects our services, time, as well as our value!


where is your studio located?

We live in Beacon NY, but our photo studio is located in Kingston NY. We offer client meet ups, photographer workshops, as well as photographer one on one mentor sessions, at our studio. There is a great coffee shop downstairs too!


will you wear weird colored vans to my wedding?

Why, yes! Yes we do. But seriously, we always wear appropriate comfortable clothing while shooting your wedding. We need to be able to run around, get on the ground, climb the stairs multiple times without breaking a sweat or tripping over our own feet!