THat one time two photographers met on tinder


It all started when…

Kelsey messaged Liam on the morning of January 8th on Tinder...yes, Tinder. Liam had literally just signed up for Tinder that morning, after going back and forth as to whether or not to download the app. He got to work and there it was, a message from Kelsey in his inbox. He thought Kelsey was fake at first and thought "what weirdo girl messages a guy on Tinder, she must be fake". Liam's Tinder profile picture was of his feet hanging over the side of a mountain and the other one, a photo of half of his face and a camera but Kelsey saw him and was hooked.

After talking back and forth on Tinder for only 10 minutes, we exchanged numbers and after one hour, Kelsey asked Liam on a date. We met the next day at a coffee shop in town and as cliche and corny as it sounds it was truly love at first sight - Kelsey of course made all the first moves, since she goes after and gets what she wants and Liam was his humble and shy forward two weeks later and Liam basically moved in with Kelsey - we've been truly inseparable ever since.

Kelsey is the definition of clumsy, she literally trips over air on a regular basis. She has a sick obsession with Bravo tv, a non-stop craving for soft serve ice cream with sprinkles and a disgusting addiction to coffee in any and all forms. Growing up in the Hudson Valley and surrounded by mountains in all directions, she has always been an avid adventurer and waterfall chaser, always finding herself with her feet dangling over the edge.

Liam is a Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica loving nerd who will kick your butt in Fortnite, Destiny or Super Mario Smash. He’s a totally techie and can sit for hours talking about any and all types of camera and gear. He has amazing knack for pulling out the most random and interesting facts that literally no one would ever know (and he is always so accurate, its creepy) and is a sucker for a good documentary or sci-fi film.  

We have two of the craziest cat fur babies in the world, Finn and Sawyer, who have severe separation anxiety and follow Kelsey around like dogs….speak of doggos, we're obsessed and might steal yours and bring them home with us if you ever bring them to a shoot, you’ve been warned here first! Our diet consists of as much Indian and Asian food as we could possible consume and not only know do the Barista’s in our local coffee shop know us by name, but we hang out with them on the regular.